Is cellular concrete environmentally friendly and how?

Of course, cellular concrete is environmentally friendly and supports green architecture because white shamlan bricks or cellular concrete (AAC) are made of in organic materials and have no radioactivity and are fire resistant and do not emit any toxic fumes when fires but maintain the fire does not expand, so  Al-shamlan cellular concrete products are environmentally friendly and enhance sustainable architecture.

Can it be used in residential buildings?

Yes, it’s best to use white insulation in residential buildings.

How does white shamlan block save cost and time?

The white insulating shamlan blocks are lightweight to help reduce the concrete and cameras used in the construction structure.
The 60 cm length of the brick also helps speed up construction and saves a lot of construction time

Also in the stage of occupancy of the building where the white shamlan blocks is characterized by total heat insulation where it isolates the heat by (0.144 w/m) and this reflects on the use of air conditioners with small capabilities, which gives energy savings and thus reduces consumption (reducing the value of the invoice)

What is the best Mortar in building insulation shamlan blocks to be completely insulation?

When building, experts always recommend white insulating blocks using shamlan Mortar because it is made of the same white shamlan block materials and gives complete heat insulation and higher cohesion to the wall.

Does shamlan supervise the installation?

Yes. Through our engineering department, which includes experienced civil engineers, supervisors and builders, we are sent to the projects to oversee the contractor’s work and give it appropriate training and advice if necessary.

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