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AL-Shamlan insulating block factory specializes mainly in the manufacture of cellular concrete (A A C) in various forms, including white insulating bricks, walls, insulating tiles, armed insulating thresholds and glue used in the construction of cellular concrete.

We at Shamlan Insulation Brick Factory are proud of this industry because it contributes to the promotion of green architecture and has created new systems developed in construction other than traditional roads, preserving the environment and saving energy and time.


The white insulation shamlan block is the latest modern building material that promotes the concept of sustainable architecture and environmental conservation, where white insulation shamlan blocks offer solutions in the construction of high-quality, energy-efficient buildings with a modern aesthetic design.


White insulation shamlan blocks provide energy-efficient buildings where the use of white insulating shamlan blocks saves about 70 % of the electricity bill, which reduces loads on power plants because of its very high heat insulation.

Health and Safety

Buildings built with white insulation blocks are considered safer than others in order to resist the white fire-insulating shamlan blocks and confine them to their place and not to extend them for more than 7 hours and not to emit any toxic fumes from it during the fire, as well as the white shamlan blocks are resistant to moisture, pests and insects.

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